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Obtain a professional edge in today’s competitive real estate market.


Promote your brand as effectively as your customer’s properties.

Real Estate Websites and Social Media

Professionally designed websites, hosting and social media.

Printed Real Estate Forms

For those offices that still prefer to use
printed real estate forms EAC are able to
provide you with user friendly NSW real estate
forms at a cost that will easily compete
with other alternatives in the market.

We have a wide range of printed NSW real estate forms covering:

  • Residential Sales Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Sales Agency Agreements
  • Rural Sales Agency Agreements
  • Business Sales Agency Agreements
  • Residential Leasing Agency Agreements
  • Residential Property Management Agency Agreements
  • Holiday Letting  Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Leasing Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Management Agency Agreements
  • Commercial Lease
  • Retail Lease
  • Supplementary Forms and Checklists
  • Factsheets and forms reproduced with permission by NSW Fair Trading

Why use EAC real estate forms and agreements?

  • Our real estate forms are tried and proven in the marketplace for many years.
  • Forms are updated to ensure that they comply with the latest legislation
  • Simple to use and to explain to your clients and in some cases our forms are half the length of some of our competitor’s equivalent forms.
  • Forms are regularly reviewed and updated based on user feedback
  • Legally backed and supported by the Co-operative avoiding any compliance issues that may arise from using other non industry providers. Make sure you read their terms and conditions as some actually suggest you obtain your own legal advice as to the compliance or otherwise of their forms. We stand behind our forms and provide you with peace of mind.
  • Access to our form guides to assist with the completion of the major forms. In addition to the form guides Members can also obtain assistance through our Agency Practice Helpline.

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Application for Membership and Shares

  • The Board of Directors
    Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd
    2A/175 James Ruse Drive Rosehill NSW 2142

  • I having been invited to become a member, hereby apply for membership of Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd.

    I also apply for (50) shares of $2 each in the capital of the Co-operative.

    I agree to be bound by the Rules and By-laws of the Co-operative.

    I further agree that in consideration of Estate Agents Co-operative Limited (EAC), at my request, supplying the above mentioned trading entity with goods and services for the business, I confirm and agree that I shall be responsible to EAC for all monies outstanding at any time for the supply of all such goods and services as EAC may hereafter supply the Proprietor.

    This guarantee is a continuing guarantee and security, and my liability under it shall not be affected by EAC giving time or any other indulgence to the Proprietor.

    I reserve the right for myself, or my personal representatives by notice to revoke this guarantee, with the prior consent of EAC, at any time as to all future dealing by the Proprietor with EAC after the date of such notice without prejudice to the rights of EAC to any claim under this guarantee prior to the date of revocation.