Washed NSW Telephone Data

NSW Telephone Data is here. EAC Red Square Telephone Data will change the way you previously looked at local area marketing.

  • Canvas your area with accurate and washed data for phone and mail campaigns
  • Effortlessly search name, address, landlines and mobile numbers from Red Square Quick Search or select the icon from the toolbar for a detailed search.
  • Export data to your CRM and combine multiple channels to your campaigns
  • Produce campaign reports with your canvas notes included for convenience
  • Wildcard and reverse search facility that comes in handy if you have only a partial phone number or are not sure on the suburb location of your contact
  • All phone data is checked against the ADMA Do Not Contact Service and is validated every 30 days

EAC NSW Telephone Data Results Table

*Above contact details blanked for privacy requirements

Click here to watch a short NSW Telephone Data ‘features’ demonstration video.

This service is FREE for all EAC Platinum, Gold and Silver Package Holders and is available for a monthly charge of $11 for Member Select Packages and $14 for Red Square Subscription only customers.

To order your Red Square NSW Telephone Data or to simply find out more, contact EAC Membership Services on 1300 137 161 or email membership@eac.com.au.