Real Estate Licensing “Made Easy”

EAC in conjunction with Think Real Estate offers the NSW Real Estate licensing course in the following ways:

If you have been working in real estate for 3 years or more you can have your competencies recognised and applied against the competencies required in the licensing modules.  This system is called RPL Recognising the competencies you already have will reduce the amount of work you need to do to gain your Real Estate License.  The process is simple. 

STEP 1: Read the licensing brochure, complete an 'application form' and submit with any certificates or transcripts that you may have.
STEP 2: You will be allocated an assessor who will meet with you and view the evidence that you have supplied to support your application. This evidence will facilitate the recognition of competencies you have, and reduce the number of subjects you have to study.
STEP 3: Your evidence will be assessed and you will be advised on the subjects in which we can recognise your competencies.
STEP 4: For the subjects that you cannot show complete competence, your assessor will explain the learning and assessment options available to you to complete the course.

EAC in conjunction with Think Real Estate offers the full licensing course in class and via distance learning. Study at a pace that suits you.

A 8 Day Fast Track course is available throughout the year on set dates to fast track your study. (8 days held over 8 weeks)

Modules covered include Finance, Trust Accounting, Sales 1, Sales 2, Property Management 1, Property Management 2, Legislation & Risk and Auctioneer Accreditation.

To discuss your needs or obtain further information call 1300 818 874 or email

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for More Information or to find out when the next Licensing course is being run in your area.