Red Square Real Estate Software

Empowering real estate’s top professionals with industry leading marketing and data systems.

Real Estate software and solution 

As with many other parts of our life today technology is playing an ever increasing role and this is no different in real estate. EAC's Red Square provides access to the latest and most advanced real estate software available for the real estate industry.

Real Estate Agents are always looking for that edge that will give them an advantage over their competitors and through the use of technology this can be easily achieved. So regardless of whether you are in Administration, Real Estate Sales, Property Management or Valuation, Red Square has something for you.

EAC has been developing Real Estate software for over two decades and as a real estate co-operative we understand the needs of today's real estate professionals. Red Square provides access to the latest and most advanced software available for the real estate industry. Red Square is your portable property information and marketing tool that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Be it from your office or at an offsite listing presentation, Red Square has the tools you need to achieve that competitive advantage at a cost effective price.

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From a property information perspective, Red Square provides an excellent research tool and a wealth of information and statistics.

From a listings perspective, Red Square lets you manage, search and professionally market all your listings with a level of flexibility not found in many other real estate applications.

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