Red Square Listing Management

Red Square lets you manage and professionally market all your listings with a level of flexibility not found in many other real estate applications.

Central to the EAC Red Square system is the “key once – go to many” philosophy which is made possible by the sophisticated database that drives the Red Square System. Our Listings Management module provides a very quick and easy way to get your listings into Red Square.

Once your Listings are in Red Square they are instantly displayed on your own web site if hosted by EAC or we can upload them to a multitude of different sites. For a full list see the XML Feeds and uploads page. 

With our Red Square listing management feature you can promote Exclusive, Auction, Open and Multilist listings for Residential, Rural, Business and Commercial Industrial properties for sale as well as Residential, Holiday and Commercial properties for lease.

Red Square Listing Management

The Listing Management feature provides salespeople with a snapshot of your listing performance.  If you are setup in our system as a principal for the office you will be provided the listing performance statistics at an office level as well.  The information provided includes statistics on Your Current  Listings, Office Current Listings, a reminder on when they are going to expire, Listings and Sales Statistics for the current month and year to date with a comparison to last financial year.

Listing Statistics

From a listing perspective you can also view statistics on the number of views, brochures and emails received for each listing.


Red Square Addlist

Red Square listing management will soon allow you to effortlessly search, preview, monitor and update your stocklist directly from the one screen. Listing management will even allow you to simply create QR codes for use in print and brochure consumer advertising.  (Coming Soon)

One of the unique features of the Red Square listing management system is the Distribution List.
The Distribution List (DL) is a unique feature of our Listing Management module and it allows you to share your Exclusive listings with other offices using Red Square. The DL was designed for use by offices that may be part of a group of offices, or those offices that may wish to share their exclusive listings with other offices that they work closely with.

When a listing is entered into Red Square as an Exclusive listing you are presented with the option of how that listing is to be distributed, with the choices being OWN or PDL.

If OWN is selected then it is only made available to the listing office and it is not made available for any other office.

If PDL is selected then the listing is made available to all offices that you have specified on your PDL.

The PDL is mainitained by the Principal and is limited to users who have been assigned this level within the Red Square system.

To learn more on how Red Square Addlist can take the hassle out of listing management register for one of our regular online webinar demonstrations or speak to one of our Member Services Representatives by calling 1300 137 161 or email