Email Hosting Services

In addition to our Domain Name and Web Site Hosting services we can also provide an Email Hosting service in conjunction with NetRegistry.

Branding is very important in our Industry and the days of agents using hotmail, gmail or other generic email addresses is a thing of the past. If you have your own domain name then in addition to using it for your web site you should also be using it for your email addresses.

Where we manage your Domain Name we can provide two options when it comes to Email.

The first option is where you have your own mail server and in this case we simply redirect your mail to your server.

The second option is where you don't have your own mail server but require a number of email addresses setup.

The features of this service include:

 email storage Up to 1GB storage per email mailbox

With 300 megabytes of storage space per mailbox under our standard service or 1 gigabyte on our premium service, you will have plenty of space for you emails.

 setup Setup walkthrough

Don't worry if you've never heard of IMAP email or SMTP. We will guide you through every step to ensure your business email is set up & working correctly. If you are not sure of your requirements we are also happy talk to the people who look after your computers.

 email-client compatibility Email-client compatibility

Our business email hosting platform is easily compatible with your favourite email client; including Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail plus many more. You can also forward emails to Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

 security Security

Behind the scenes, our secure virtual servers run top of the line anti-spam and anti-virus software to help keep your inbox clear of unwanted content.

 Web mail access Webmail and mobile access

Easily access email on the go with webmail functionality as part of every package, plus straight forward integration with your smartphone, iPhone or Blackberry.




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