AdConstructor Press Advertising in minutes
  • Simple to navigate and easy to use.
  • Impress your vendors with artwork created in moments.
  • Online design helps reduce common mistakes in artwork such as incorrect telephone numbers or agent details.
  • Since AdConstructor is an online system, you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection, the office, your home or even at your vendor’s.
  • Change your ads as often as you want in just a few minutes. Keep your ads looking fresh and up-to date in with no effort. Whether you want to change pictures, headings or agent details, EAC AdConstructor lets you do it any time.
  • Enjoy a later copy deadline as your finished art is provided ready for print.
  • Incorporating the same colour management technology used by printers and professional photographers, you can also easily apply subtle enhancements to each image to improve sharpness and colour. Improved photographic quality means better ad cut-through and happier vendors — and it’s all part of the EAC AdConstructor system!
  • We design your advertising templates to your instructions and provide full office training to get you going, as well as, a dedicated support team to assist in any situation.
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  • Click here to view a brief EAC AdConstructor demonstration video.
realestateworld AdConstructor template

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