NSW Real Estate Agency Agreements & Forms

Your Simple Cost Effective Printed Real Estate Forms Solution

EAC has listened to its Members and the Industry and has responded with a suite of Real Estate Agency Agreements & Forms. Our forms will provide your office with quality easy to use real estate forms at a cost that will easily compete with other alternatives in the market.

Our forms and agreements cover residential, rural, commercial, business and retail real estate for sale and lease.


Simple & Time Saving
EAC Real Estate Forms are simple to use and in some cases half the length of other existing real estate forms allowing you to get on with the business of selling property. The simplicity of the EAC Real Estate Forms will also be beneficial when it comes to explaining and completing forms with vendors, landlords as well as tenants.

Fully Backed by EAC
EAC Real Estate Forms are legally backed and supported by the Co-operative avoiding any compliance issues that may arise from using other non industry providers. Make sure you read their terms and conditions as some actually suggest you obtain your own legal advice as to the compliance or otherwise of their forms. We stand behind our forms and provide you with peace of mind.

Ease of Purchase
EAC Real Estate Forms are available to purchase by phone, online or via fax with 24 hour delivery time to your office guaranteed in most cases.

The EAC Real Estate Forms are colour coded for ease of recognition.

Offices can call the Agency Practice Support line during business hours on 1300 137 161 for FREE professional advice on forms related queries or issues.

EAC Real Estate Forms are also compatible with eforms for form consistency in your office.

EAC Real Estate Forms cover all of the necessary property management and sales forms options.

Our Printed range of Agency Agreements include:

  • Residential Sales Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Sales Agency Agreements
  • Rural Sales Agency Agreements
  • Business Sales Agency Agreements
  • Residential Leasing Agency Agreements
  • Residential Property Management Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Leasing Agency Agreements
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Management Agency Agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Retail Lease Agreement

Easy Pay
EAC Real Estate Forms can be purchased by credit card, cheque or cash with EAC members having the ability to include purchases on their monthly account.

Member Discount
All EAC Members receive a 10% discount on all forms purchased.

To view the sample forms please visit the EAC Online Store.