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OAMPS Insurance

As the largest independent real estate organisation in Australia, the EAC proudly offers its members and the industry a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of today's real estate and property professional. With a core objective of providing the NSW real estate industry with the best insurance solutions available, the partnership with OAMPS Insurance Brokers was a natural alternative for a number of reasons, including their extensive experience and capabilities.

OAMPS has demonstrated an ability to work hand in hand with clients to truly understand the complexities of their business. With a broker network extending across the country, OAMPS provide a broad range of insurance options that also cover stock and station inclusions - an option that has been neglected by other industry bodies. OAMPS also has the reach to cater for the needs of members of the real estate industry, no matter where they are, or how their business is structured.

OAMPS has the experience and capability to provide the industry with a wide range of insurance advice and solutions, including:

  • Professional indemnity/Management liability insurance
  • Property insurance - broadened definitions of buildings, stock and weather perils
  • Landlords insurance - broader definitions
  • Business interruption insurance – with extended indemnity periods and cover extensions
  • Public and products liability programmes
  • Stock and Station
  • Machinery and equipment programmes
  • Commercial motor vehicle fleets

Mr Drew Ferns, OAMPS Branch Manager said, "OAMPS offers an insurance solution that's a bit different to others available in the rest of the market. We pride ourselves on getting closer to clients through specialising and providing specifically designed protection packages. We are really excited about the opportunity to assist the members of the EAC and the industry as a whole in ensuring they have the right insurance, at the right price."

For those that may be concerned about changing from their existing insurance provider, the OAMPS Professional Indemnity Policy automatically offers Unlimited Retroactive Date coverage. This provides you with peace of mind as the policy will respond to incidents or claims coming to your attention for the first time “i.e. out of the woodwork" from years past irrespective of who the insurance provider may have been.

Next time your insurance is up for renewal let OAMPS Insurance Brokers provide you with an obligation free quote.

Contact Drew Ferns on 02 4226 8700.

Other Contacts

Branch Contact Contact Details
Parramatta Beth Wiseman Phone: 02 8838 5733
Fax: 02 8838 5701
Newcastle Mary Rolph Phone: 02 4979 3333
Fax: 02 4979 3301
Wollongong Drew Ferns Phone: 02 4226 8700
Fax: 02 4226 8701
Canberra Matthew Hackett Phone: 02 6283 6555
Fax: 02 6283 6556
Wagga Wagga Caleb Richards Phone: 02 6933 6600
Fax: 02 6925 8643
Forbes Sam Hornery Phone: 02 6851 1200
Fax: 02 6851 4900