Our Technology Partners

Jigsaw Technology

A full range of Real estate related IT services are available from Jigsaw Technology. In fact Jigsaw Technology developed all the backend systems behind the EAC and Red Square websites. Services provided include:

  • custom websites
  • installation and support of computer networks
  • linking of offices

For full details of the services available, please visit the Jigsaw Technology website at www.jigsaw.com.au or call them on 02 9672 4222

Kaspersky Anti-virus

Estate Agents Co-operative uses Kaspersky Anti-virus to protect all incoming and outgoing email. Kaspersky offers a range on Anti-virus, Anti-Spam and Spyware solutions. If you too would like a superior Anti-virus product please visit www.kaspersky.com.au for more details or the Kaspersky Online E-Store to purchase online.