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Communicate Newsletters

Create Meaningful Property e-Newsletters in 5 Minutes!

Red Square Communicate is an easy-to-use tool that will help you to create and track attractive and interactive email campaigns. Use it to communicate with your vendors, landlords, buyers and sellers, and generate new listings.


Communicate can be used to send open for inspection lists, auction invitations, new listing announcements, landlord and tenant newsletters, seasonal e-cards, SMS alerts and many other types of communications.


Some of the features include:

  • A lead solution that sends you leads from buyers and sellers straight to your mobile phone and inbox
  • Comprehensive content library at your finger tips
  • Communicate is also integrated with Red Square, so your listings can be automatically uploaded, saving you time in creating your newsletters
  • Entirely web-based, so you can access it from work or home, any time
  • Present yourself as the local area expert with the ability to insert a range of your local area news content into the newsletter with the click of a mouse


Communicate will also help you to track campaign success, reporting which properties attract the most interest, and allowing you to market further to interested buyers.



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Application for Membership and Shares

  • The Board of Directors
    Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd
    2A/175 James Ruse Drive Rosehill NSW 2142

  • I having been invited to become a member, hereby apply for membership of Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd.

    I also apply for (50) shares of $2 each in the capital of the Co-operative.

    I agree to be bound by the Rules and By-laws of the Co-operative.

    I further agree that in consideration of Estate Agents Co-operative Limited (EAC), at my request, supplying the above mentioned trading entity with goods and services for the business, I confirm and agree that I shall be responsible to EAC for all monies outstanding at any time for the supply of all such goods and services as EAC may hereafter supply the Proprietor.

    This guarantee is a continuing guarantee and security, and my liability under it shall not be affected by EAC giving time or any other indulgence to the Proprietor.

    I reserve the right for myself, or my personal representatives by notice to revoke this guarantee, with the prior consent of EAC, at any time as to all future dealing by the Proprietor with EAC after the date of such notice without prejudice to the rights of EAC to any claim under this guarantee prior to the date of revocation.