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Support and Training

Make sure that you gain the maximum benefit from Red Square with our support and training options

EAC prides itself on the level of service and support that it provides. To assist you in the use of Red Square and associated products and services a variety of support resources are available to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from the services we provide.

Red Square
Support Hotline

The Red Square Support hotline provides access to our fully trained support staff. It is important that the support team has an understanding of what you are trying to achieve with our products and to this end we have built a team that consists of not only technical people but also a number of licenced real estate agents.

The Red Square Hotline is available
from 8.45 am - 6.00 pm EST Monday to Friday.

1300 137 161

Support Direct Assistance

For those times when a higher level of support or interaction is required we have GoToMeeting. With GoToMeeting our support consultant can simply send you an email with a link that you click on which allows us to see your screen and provide the necessary assistance.

In Office

Have our Red Square Trainer visit your office to ensure your team is completely up to speed on all of the features of Red Square. A recommended 4 hour interactive session in your office will answer all of your data and listing management questions through personal demonstrations at a speed you are comfortable with.

A fee applies for this service.


Online Training

For those offices that do not require an office visit and are comfortable using our interactive one-on-one ‘GoToMeeting’ training, a totally online interactive learning experience is waiting for you.  Have our Red Square trainers ensure you and your team are familiar with all the essential tools available on Red Square to stay ahead of your competition at a pace that suits you.

A fee applies for this service.

Red Square

Attend one of our free online group training sessions that cover all the basic Red Square features. Explore searching, Property Information Data, Listing Management, Current Market Information, Mapping, Neighbourhood Reports, NSW Telephone Data and Current Market Analysis reporting tools. All this and, of course, the industry leading Red Square Mapping features are covered in our group webinar sessions. This option is perfect for an introduction for new staff as well as a handy overview for the rest of your office sales, property management and administration teams.


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Application for Membership and Shares

  • The Board of Directors
    Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd
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  • I having been invited to become a member, hereby apply for membership of Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd.

    I also apply for (50) shares of $2 each in the capital of the Co-operative.

    I agree to be bound by the Rules and By-laws of the Co-operative.

    I further agree that in consideration of Estate Agents Co-operative Limited (EAC), at my request, supplying the above mentioned trading entity with goods and services for the business, I confirm and agree that I shall be responsible to EAC for all monies outstanding at any time for the supply of all such goods and services as EAC may hereafter supply the Proprietor.

    This guarantee is a continuing guarantee and security, and my liability under it shall not be affected by EAC giving time or any other indulgence to the Proprietor.

    I reserve the right for myself, or my personal representatives by notice to revoke this guarantee, with the prior consent of EAC, at any time as to all future dealing by the Proprietor with EAC after the date of such notice without prejudice to the rights of EAC to any claim under this guarantee prior to the date of revocation.